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My Professional Experience

Since 2014 I’ve been working as a full-time freelance writer and travel blogger with a storytelling approach to creating content that both engages and informs readers.

I have the instinct to find the original angle of a story and I approach destinations as a blank canvas. I often arrive with the idea for a story in the back of my mind but it’s usually the story that finds me.

A great deal of my inspiration to write a compelling story on Tripper comes from talking to local artists and small-business owners, and from covering local cultural events.

I’ve partnered with boutique hotels and companies offering sustainable tours, local tourism offices and international tourism boards, and covered local cultural events from film festivals to performance art festivals.

All these partnerships happen as the result of my personal commitment to turning Tripper in a worldwide reference of sustainable cultural tourism for independent travelers.

As a freelance writer, I have contributed blog posts and articles for a series of reputable online travel publications that you can take a look at my writing portfolio page.

Who Reads Tripper

Tripper’s readers are independent travelers, mostly women with ages between 25-44, looking for unique experiences, with a high positive impact on the local communities and the local economy.

They prefer to explore lesser-known destinations but don’t dismiss a visit to a famous tourist destination as long as it’s presented to them from a unique and sustainable angle.

Promoting organized tour packs or one-size-fits-all type of travel experiences will not resonate with Tripper’s sustainable cultural tourism niche-audience.

Detailed statistics about Tripper’s audience and other information about content strategy, mission of the blog, and rates are available on Tripper’s Media Kit (By clicking this link you will open a Dropbox folder in a new tab with downloadable .pdf files).

Why work with Tripper

I specialize in creating written content and in promoting services organically on social media.

Unlike other travel blogs, most of Tripper’s content is not only focused on my experience while traveling but on my connections with the local culture, the small family-owned businesses, and the interactions I make with the local community.

People buy from people. I have experienced this since the beginning of Tripper in 2014 and I have specialized in content marketing for cultural tourism. For your brand, this means that a branded content campaign built around your company’s story, values, purpose reaches potential customers faster than an ad on my sidebar.

Tripper is available to work in:

  • One-time-off projects: Whether by writing a one-time-off sponsored blog post, covering a local cultural event, or promoting your brand and service on social media, Tripper will help you reach your ideal target audience within the sustainable cultural tourism niche, organically.
  • Branded content campaigns: Designing a structured branded content campaign through evergreen blog posts and ongoing social media promotion is an effective way of increasing your brand’s digital presence and raising brand awareness.
  • Freelance writing: If your brand’s website is in need of fresh, regular content, I can provide you with a series of original, exclusive, and SEO-optimized blog posts, and craft relevant, on-brand texts for your social media outlets. (This service is subject to a 6-month freelance contract)

What some of Tripper’s clients say

“Sandra Henriques visited MiratecArts Galeria Costa and the Azores Fringe Festival this past season [2017]. We thoroughly enjoyed her writing about the experiences in Pico island and it was lovely to see it in various publications like Lonely Planet. Would be a pleasure to welcome her back for future adventures.”

– Terry Costa, Founder and Director of MiratecArts

“Sandra highlighted the best of Maia with her images and her words and was able to convey exactly what you feel here! It was, without a doubt, two emotion-filled days with a lot to share. Thank you for “smiling with us”!”

– Sandra Campos, Maia Turismo

“Welcoming Tripper and Sandra at the Rota das Vinhas do Pó was one of the best surprises of the year – for the experience, for her commitment and for her sharing of the tour on the blog.

But reading the words of Sandra Henriques Gajjar, about the day we shared laughter, wine experiences and regional delicacies, was one of the best trips back in time … as if the writing of this magnificent storyteller transported us again to each vineyard and each cellar, for every drink and every laugh, even with more delight, always with the extraordinary humor that so well characterizes each one of Tripper’s articles.

Thank you very much. Rota das Vinhas do Pó is, considerably, richer.

– Rota das Vinhas do Pó

If you’d like to partner with Tripper, reach out at I review each proposal carefully to decide if your brand, product or service fits the blog’s tone and content strategy.