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My Professional Experience

Since 2014 I’ve been working as a freelance writer, blogger, and copywriter with a storytelling approach that both engages and informs readers.

I have the instinct to find the original angle of a story and I approach destinations as a blank canvas. More often than not, I arrive with the idea for a story in the back of my mind but it’s the story that finds me.

I get inspiration from talking to local artists and to local business owners, and from covering local cultural events to let my readers know what will make them feel your destination under their skin.

I’ve partnered with French Haveli Boutique Heritage Home, Lazy Flavors, 6Only Guest House, Fantasporto (Oporto International Film Festival), London Horror Festival, North Dakota Tourism, and more. The list grows every year as the result of my personal commitment to turning Tripper in a worldwide reference of sustainable cultural tourism for independent travelers.

As a freelance travel writer, I have contributed blog posts to National Geographic Intelligent Travel Blogthe Huffington Post, Flight Network, and self-published my debut travel guide book in 2015, Lisbon Travel Guide for Urban Explorers.

My most recent regular writing collaborations are for Lonely Planet as a local expert in Lisbon and Skyscanner.

Who Reads Tripper

Tripper’s readers are independent travelers looking for unique experiences, with a high positive impact on the local communities and the local economy.

They prefer to explore lesser-known destinations but don’t dismiss a visit to a famous tourist destination as long as it’s presented to them from a unique angle.

Promoting organized tour packs or one-size-fits-all type of travel experiences will not resonate with Tripper’s sustainable cultural tourism niche audience.

Detailed statistics about Tripper’s audience are available on the updated Media Kit.

Why Work with Tripper

I specialize in creating written content and in promoting services organically on social media.

Unlike other travel blog’s, 80% of Tripper’s content is not focused on my experience while traveling but on my connections with the local culture, the small family-owned businesses, and the interactions I make with the local community.

People buy from people. I have experienced this since the beginning of Tripper in 2014 and I have specialized in content marketing for cultural tourism. For your brand, this means that a branded content campaign built around your company’s story, values, purpose reaches potential customers faster than an ad on my sidebar.

Tripper is available to work in:

  • Helping your sustainable cultural tourism brand to reach the ideal niche-audience via one-time-off sponsored blog posts, event coverage, and social media;
  • Analyzing your sustainable cultural tourism brand’s current digital presence and designing a structured branded content campaign through evergreen blog posts and ongoing social media promotion;
  • Providing your sustainable cultural tourism brand with content that can be used throughout your media outlets such as blog posts, social media posts, and photos;

If you’d like to partner with Tripper, reach out at I review each proposal carefully to decide if your brand, product or service fits the blog’s tone and content strategy.