Top 5 Inns in Savannah’s Historic District

I know I'd want to experience the famous Southern hospitality, so I narrowed down my dream choices to these top 5 Inns in Savannah's Historic District.

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My recent research about industrial heritage made me stumble upon (and fall in love with) Savannah, Georgia. Nicknamed the Hostess City of the South, it’s the oldest city in the state of Georgia, established in 1733. The city’s downtown has been a National Historic Landmark District since 1966. The architectural details like cobblestone streets, typical colonial houses with front porches, and open squares simply pull me in. When I started browsing for hotels in Savannah, I knew I wanted to experience the famous Southern hospitality, and I narrowed down my dream choices to these top five inns in Savannah’s historic district.

River Street Inn

Built in 1817, this beautiful five-story brick building was once used as storage for cotton. Facing the river and taking up an entire block, the River Street Inn is within walking distance of the Historic District’s attractions and important buildings. The best of this inn is in the little details: complimentary guest reception that includes a selection of wine, champagne and hors d’oeuvres; the views to the river and the historic district; hardwood floors and iron-work headboards.

Planters Inn

This upscale boutique hotel is right on the historic Reynolds Square, center of the colonial government and where the first reading of the Declaration of Independence took place in Georgia, at the House of Assembly. From there, you can easily access important sites, like the 1813 Oliver Sturgis House or the Lucas Theatre. The Planters Inn makes your stay even more perfect with complimentary wine and cheese, and room service from the world-renowned Olde Pink House Restaurant.

The Dresser Palmer House

At The Dresser Palmer House you can have a homey hospitality feel with the amenities found in a big chain hotel. It’s hard to say which of the details give it its Southern warmth: the fireplaces in the rooms, the gardens of the surrounding courtyard, or the complimentary breakfast prepared daily by the hosts from their own recipes. Here it’s all about being unique, so it’s no wonder that the rooms don’t share features. Each room is named after a local important figure, and each one is decorated in a particular style, respecting the original decor of the house.

Hamilton-Turner Inn

This park-side mansion was built in 1873 by Samuel Pugh Hamilton for his family. The present owner of the Hamilton-Turner Inn is keen on maintaining its glory by cooperating with the Historic Savannah Foundation. Complimentary Southern breakfast, evening wine and late evening Port, are just the perfect touches to add to an already sumptuous stay at one of the seventeen luxurious rooms and suites.

Forsyth Park Inn

The only tough choice to make in the Forsyth Park Inn is between staying in one of the eleven rooms or in the private garden cottage. Choose a view to the park or a view to the private garden, and make sure you don’t miss the Southern complimentary breakfast in the verandah every morning.

Savannah is the perfect destination for a romantic weekend getaway or for History lovers. Which one of these five inns would be your ultimate dream choice?

This post was written in collaboration with Hipmunk.

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