I never really know what to call pages like these, but Travel Resources seemed the most straightforward and most obvious title. Although you’ll find book recommendations and other suggestions at the end of practically every one of my posts about Lisbon and the Azores, on this page, I aggregate them all. I include the online tools I frequently use to book accommodation and to buy e-tickets for local attractions (when available).

Accommodation booking platforms

I’ve been using Booking.com to find and book hotels for over a decade. It’s simple to use. I never got scammed using it. I like that I can secure different hotels in a destination before finding flights due to the book now, pay later feature. That feature is handy when planning trips to the Azores — flights delayed or canceled due to weather conditions off-season are frequent.


Booking e-tickets for local attractions, activities, and tours

Although Tiqets.com’s list of attractions available for Lisbon and Ponta Delgada in the Azores is smaller than other destinations, I have the comfort of knowing they add new attractions frequently. I use them because I like e-tickets — it’s cleaner, more eco-friendly, and I try to travel as clutter-free as possible.

Must-read books about Lisbon and the Azores

For must-read books about Lisbon and the Azores, I bring you a mix of travel guides, easy-to-digest history books, fiction by local authors (some books are only available in Portuguese, I’m afraid), and local culture. I hope they all give you a well-rounded perspective of both destinations.

Books about the Azores available on Amazon

Fiction by local authors

History and culture

Travel Books

Books about Lisbon available on Amazon


History and culture

Travel Books

Must-watch films and shows about Lisbon and the Azores

It’s always tricky to select films and shows about a destination for fear of raising someone’s expectations of a place. Nevertheless, camera tricks and takes aside, I expect these shows and films serve as inspiration pre-trip and reality check post-trip.