What to Visit in Montreal for Art and Culture Lovers

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts | What to Visit in Montreal for Art and Culture Lovers

Montreal, a UNESCO City of Design, mixes the historic atmosphere of 18th-century Vieux-Montréal with the trendy art museums and entertainment district.

The cultural diversity of Quebec’s creative city shines through, as more than half of the population can speak both English and French, making it one of the most bilingual cities in the province.

Take a look at my suggestions for the best attractions for art and culture lovers and the most beautiful hotels near these sites in Montreal.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts


Montreal Museum of Fine Arts | What to Visit in Montreal for Art and Culture Lovers

Image via Flickr by chucka_nc

A group of art collectors and patrons founded the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts over 150 years ago, and today it has an astounding collection of over 41,000 works of art from antiquity until today. As one of the most visited art museums in Canada, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts houses works from decorative arts and design to international art. Multidisciplinary and designed to engage with its audience, this art museum in the historic Golden Square Mile puts a lot of effort on the educational programming.

Hotel suggestion: Le Meridien Versailles, the boutique hotel with European flair, is just five minutes away from the museum.

Museum of Contemporary Art


Musee D'Art Contemporaine | What to Visit in Montreal for Art and Culture Lovers

Image via Flickr by Phil Roeder

Prompted by the requests of local artists and collectors, the Québécois government founded the Museum of Contemporary Art in 1964. This public institution promotes and preserves contemporary art from Quebec, the rest of Canada, and around the world. For over 50 years this museum in the heart of the Quartier des Spectacles has connected visitors with renowned local and international artists in an atmosphere that encourages creative discovery.

Hotel suggestion: Auberge Le Jardin d’Antoine, an intimate 25-room boutique hotel in the Quartier Latin district, is a five-minute drive from this museum.

Place des Arts

Place des Arts | What to Visit in Montreal for Art and Culture Lovers

Image via Flickr by abdallahh

Built in the early 1960s, Place des Arts is no ordinary performing arts center. The largest arts complex in Canada is now a cultural hub in Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles. Place des Arts focuses on promoting cultural life in Quebec, hosting events that range from music concerts to film festivals.

Like artwork, this venue constantly strives to improve its space and reinvent itself. The latest project is the refurbishment of the Esplanade, which is likely to end by 2018. Although visitors could consider the ongoing construction work an inconvenience, the organization focuses on the opportunity to hold more cultural and artistic events in the near future.

Hotel suggestion: Hotel Zero 1, a modern Pop Art hotel, fits perfectly with the entertainment district’s atmosphere and is a five-minute walk from Place des Arts.

With Canada at the top of Lonely Planet’s list of the best countries to visit in 2017, this North American destination won’t stop growing in popularity. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world, there is more to Canada than breathtaking lakes, maple syrup, and cold-weather sports. In Montreal, continue your cultural immersion by taking a food tour, eating some poutine, or roaming the Old City.

This is a post written in collaboration with Hotel Planner.

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