5 Boutique Hotels in Washington for Different Types of Traveler

5 Boutique Hotels in Washington for Different Types of Traveler

Cover Photo by Jeff Gunn via Flickr.

I confess that my knowledge of things to do in Washington state didn’t go beyond visiting a (reportedly gross) “gum wall” at the Pike Place Market, exploring the capital of grunge music, Seattle, and getting to know a bit more about the history of Starbucks (I love a good cup of coffee, especially if it comes with a side of a great story).

But assumption is the mother of all mess-ups, and this Pacific Northwest state is more diverse than a handful of tourist clichés. In fact, there’s a place in Washington for different types of travelers (and the perfect Boutique Hotel to go with it).

Riverfront Park Spokane Washington

Photo by Adam Jones via Flickr

For the Business Traveler Who Enjoys Winding Down by the Riverfront in Spokane

Most work trips are as fun as taking a pill — you need it, but you don’t necessarily want it. If you’re visiting Spokane for business, but you want to take some time off at the end of the day, your best bet is the DoubleTree by Hilton Spokane City Center. The hotel is connected to the Spokane Convention Center by a sky bridge, meaning you’ll shorten your commute time and are more available at the end of the day to shop around or try the local food at the River Park Square.

For the Outdoor Lover Who Doesn’t Compromise on Comfort in Stevenson

I could easily fit in this category: I love contemplating nature, but I’m not the biggest fan of becoming a feast for insects. Basically, I want the filtered experience. Something a bit more upscale than “glamping,” the Skamania Lodge – Destination Hotels & Resorts at the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area is the perfect combination of outdoor activities with luxury resort amenities.

Skamania Lodge Stevenson Washington
Photo by Christopher via Flickr

For the Busy Traveler Who Values Saving Time in Seattle

Some travelers are on a tight schedule with an itinerary packed with activities. Wasting time between the airport and the hotel is not an option. The DoubleTree by Hilton Seattle Airport is right across the street from the SeaTac and within walking distance of the Amtrak station, leaving you with plenty of time to do what you came here for, explore Seattle.

For the Perfectionist Traveler Who Wants the Best of Both Worlds in Seattle

Some travelers take their time planning their trips precisely because finding that perfect spot is part of the experience. At the Seattle Airport Marriott, you have the comfort of a high-end hotel, the proximity to the SeaTac airport, and you’re a short drive away from the famous local attractions like Pike Place’s Market and the Space Needle. It’s the perfect package.

Pike Place Market Seattle Washington

Photo by Mat79 via Flickr

For the Cultural Traveler Who Honors Historic Places in Seattle

As a cultural traveler, I always book hotels with a rich background. There’s nothing like the character of a historic hotel. The Mayflower Park Hotel is a member of Historic Hotels of America, within walking distance of the Seattle bay and the Pike Place Market, and with “History geek”-worthy details like the original 1927 tiled floors in the bathrooms.

This is a post written in collaboration with the Hipmunk.

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