About Tripper’s newsletter

About Tripper’s newsletter

I find it annoying to be bombarded with emails after signing up for a newsletter – especially when the signup process doesn’t say much about how many emails I’ll receive or when the newsletter sender changes the rules in the middle of the game. I believe it’s distasteful and a breach of confidence and chances are that I’ll unsubscribe without thinking twice.

I wanted the Tripper newsletter to be different and I wanted it to cater to readers with different interests but without straying from the topic of sustainable cultural tourism, of course.

The newsletter is sent on the last day of every month with a round-up of Tripper’s blog posts of the month.

Rest assured that:

  1. The email you use to sign up won’t be shared with anyone else, not even Tripper’s sponsors and commercial partners.
  2. I stand by my commitment to only send you one newsletter once a month. Other upcoming events are shared on social media, so make sure you’re also following Tripper on Instagram and Facebook.

New blog posts delivered to your inbox every month

Filling out the form below gives you access to a roundup of Tripper’s blog posts, sent via an email from me with the latest news regarding the blog.

Disclaimers and FAQs

Trusting me with your personal email address is a commitment I will always respect, as well as your desire to unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. One of my biggest pet peeves as a newsletter subscriber myself is receiving emails that either isn’t what I signed up for or that I can’t unsubscribe with a simple click on a button.

If any of the following FAQs don’t address any concerns you might have, feel free to email me and I will add a new answer to your question here.

1. Why do you ask for my name and country besides my email address?

I like to personalize my emails, however, the name field is not a mandatory one. If you want to fill in that field, you can choose to write only your first name, an alias, or a nickname; it’s totally up to you. As for the country field (also optional), that’s because I like to know where my readers are.

2. Will you use my email to flood me with affiliate marketing links later?

Absolutely not. I only include selected affiliate links on some of Tripper’s blog posts (all links are clearly marked with a *).

3. Will you use the newsletter to try to sell me something?

I will never trick you into buying one of my products or services. Whatever product or service I launch in the future will be presented in a specific blog post and promoted on social media. Blog posts are always shared on Tripper’s newsletters so, eventually, you will read about these products or services if you click on the link but you’ll have no obligation to buy it.

4. To how many lists will you add my email address?

By subscribing to this newsletter, your email address will be added to the list or lists you select.