Lazy Flavors’ “Pastel de Nata” Workshop Giveaway

Lazy Flavors' "Pastel de Nata" Workshop Giveaway

Information on how to enter the giveaway at the end of the post.

“Pastel de Nata” is, hands down, the most famous pastry in Portugal. It’s not a fancy treat, you can easily finish one in a couple of bites, but that round, golden, soft in the middle, and slightly crispy on the outside, tart sends your taste buds to heaven and back.

Is your mouth watering already? Excellent! Mission accomplished!

Lazy Flavors' Pastel de Nata' Workshop Giveaway_3

Whether some prefer it plain and others like it sprinkled generously with cinnamon and sugar, one question remains – how is a “pastel de nata” really made? Is the name accurate (“nata” is Portuguese for cream)? Or are the ingredients completely unexpected? And why does everyone say it’s a secret? What is the secret?

In fact, how can you describe this sweet treat with more precision beyond “hmmmm”? (Usually, this is how I describe it… And, with eyes closed, between imaginary bites, I will add an enigmatic “you have to try it to know what I mean”)

I know you’re dying to know the secret recipe to “pasteis de nata” but we won’t go that far here. I have something even better.

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A couple of years ago, I went on a Portuguese cuisine experience with Lazy Flavors. Among other things, I realized I don’t have much of a career in fish mongering, just in case I want to pick up an alternative job. But great things came from that cultural experience, and one of them was knowing that the two women behind the company, Mariana and Verónica, were completely dedicated and passioned about food – from the producers to the final product.

The “pastel de nata” cooking class is all about learning the tricks of the trade behind the most famous Portuguese pastry and, of course, tasting your masterpieces in the end with coffee or tea. The groups are kept small to make it all about the personal experience. Quality takes time and nurturing, so no one wants to make a run for the oven to bake their “pasteis de nata” when there’s a line of 20 people, right? That would ruin the whole purpose of this.

Lazy Flavors and I want to gift you two spots in this unique experience in Lisbon that will take place on July 7th, 2016 (next Thursday).

To enter the giveaway is as easy as liking Lazy Flavor’s Facebook page and leaving a comment on this blog post. For additional entries, you can also share a message on Twitter. Simple isn’t it? Get ready! Get set! Bake!

PS: Please share a photo of your marvelous creations with me in the end will you?

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Terms and Conditions:

1) The prize of this giveaway is one spot in a “Pastel de Nata” workshop with Lazy Flavors.

2) There are two spots available so we will be randomly selecting two winners.

3) It’s mandatory that the participants like Lazy Flavors Facebook page and leave a comment on this blog post to be eligible to participate in the giveaway.

4) To increase their odds, the participants have the option to tweet a customized message.

5) The two winners will be contacted via e-mail by Lazy Flavors on the 5th of July.

6) Your e-mail address will not be shared with anyone besides Tripper and Lazy Flavors.

Lazy Flavors' Pastel de Nata' Workshop Giveaway_1

Lazy Flavors' Pastel de Nata' Workshop Giveaway

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    The pasteis sound delicious and I would LOVE to learn how to make them. Please sign me up doe the workshop. Thanks!!!

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