6th Azores Fringe Festival: 25th May – 1st July 2018

The Azores Fringe Festival returns to all nine islands of the Portuguese archipelago for the sixth edition of events around art, music, and literature, highlighting local artists.

Art and culture in Portugal saw major cutbacks in financing in 2018. Despite the overall economic boost, it’s urgent that the government understands the importance of supporting culture, especially in remote areas like the Azores. To make a point, the 6th Azores Fringe Festival will kickoff in silence – a statement that will, surely, speak much louder than a bang.

The Azores Fringe Festival 2018 in numbers

The Azores Fringe Festival is, currently, the longest-running festival and the most ambitious independent cultural project that reaches every single one of the nine Azores islands.

Every. Single. One. (Let it sink in.)

Let’s run the numbers:

  • 38 days of festival;
  • 85 public events;
  • 40 artists participating in an artistic residency on Pico Island;
  • 58 short films and videos (shorts@fringe);
  • 100+ artists from 38 countries showcasing their work;
  • 18 exhibitions;

Below, I’m highlighting just some of the events so you have a full grasp (I hope) of the dimension and the importance of this event. There are more events happening on the islands and some of them aren’t even scheduled – that’s the beauty of any Fringe Festival.

Please read the full programme for the 2018 Azores Fringe Festival here.

Photo courtesy of Azores Fringe Festival/MiratecArts - © Jaime deBrum
Photo courtesy of Azores Fringe Festival/MiratecArts – © Jaime deBrum

Events Calendar


IV Encontro Pedras Negras (25-27 May)
The 4th edition of the Writers’ Festival kicks off on the 25th with a talk by yours truly on a (slightly provocative) topic: “Are bloggers writers too? And is travel writing more advertised fiction than truth?” My goal is to stir discussion with fellow writers (and whoever wants to join us) about the Internet media and what makes or breaks a writer in the eyes of the readers. Hopefully, we’ll pick it up from there and reach other topics.

Friday, May 25 (6.00 PM)
Biblioteca Pública da Madalena (Pico)
Conference with local writers.

Friday, May 25 (9.00 PM)
Atlântico Tea House, Areia Larga (Pico)
Opening of the exhibition “Sonhos” (“Dreams”) by Pieter Adriaans.

Friday, May 25 (10.00 PM)
Night Secret – Rua dos Biscoitos, 14 (Madalena, Pico)
Live readings of literature written by women.

Saturday, May 26 (Midnight)
Cella Bar, Barca (Pico)
Live readings of Erotic Poetry

Sunday, May 27 (10.00 AM)
MiratecArts Galeria Costa, Candelária (Pico)
“Sonetos à Flor da Pele” – performance of poetry and dance with José Efe and Susana Júdice

Sunday, May 27 (11.00 AM)
MiratecArts Galeria Costa, Candelária (Pico)
Book launch – “Tempo Suspenso” by José Efe

Friday, May 25 and Saturday, May 26
Museu de Angra do Heroísmo (Terceira)
Festival + Jazz – jazz music festival

Monday, May 28 (Monday to Friday, 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM)
EBS Lajes do Pico (Pico)
“Sala 18” (“Classroom 18”) – Art exhibition by the ESB Lajes do Pico school’s 12th-grade art students

Tuesday, May 29 (6.00 PM)
Our Island, Horta (Faial)
Cultural guided walk through the city of Horta in Faial Island.

Photo courtesy of Azores Fringe Festival/MiratecArts - © Jaime deBrum
Photo courtesy of Azores Fringe Festival/MiratecArts – © Jaime deBrum


Friday, June 1 (9.00 PM)
Biblioteca do Corvo (Corvo)
Theater workshop for locals of all ages, led by Terry Costa.

Friday, June 1 and Saturday, June 2 (10.30 PM)
Espaço em Cena (Santa Maria)
“Um Gesto por Outro” (“A Gesture for Another”) – theater play written by Jean Tardieu, directed by Stella Garcia, and performed by Daniela Braga, Gabriela Barata, Jorge Carreiro, Margarida Rosa, Paulo Ramalho, and Rosa Melo.

Sunday, June 3 (3.00 PM)
Atelier de Kaasfabriek, Velas (São Jorge)
Opening of an art exhibition with the works of Martim Cymbron (Ponta Delgada, São Miguel), Jean-Noël Duchemin (Bretanha), Rui Teixeira (Urzelina).

Thursday, June 7 (24/7)
MiratecArts Galeria Costa, Candelária (Pico)
“E Ela Não Voltou” (“And She Didn’t Return”) – an art installation by Maria Simões (Castelo de Vide, Portugal) in honor of all Portuguese women who died victims of domestic violence in 2017.

Friday, June 8 (1.30 PM)
Atlântico Tea House, Areia Larga (Pico)
Book launch – “Meridiano 28” by local author Joel Neto (Terceira Island).

Friday, June 8 to Sunday, June 9
Lajido, Santa Luzia (Pico)
Festival Sentir o Pico – a cultural festival around art, music, and wine workshops

Tuesday, June 12 (9.30 PM)
Auditório Museu dos Baleeiros, Lajes (Pico)
Concert with Terceira Island’s musician João da Ilha

Friday, June 15 (9.00 PM)
Museu das Lajes das Flores (Flores)
“Conversa em Arte” (“Art Talks”) – MiratecArts director and Azores Fringe Festival founder Terry Costa questions art and everything else related to art.

Saturday, June 16 (7.30 PM)
Tasca Cana Roca, Fazenda das Lajes (Flores)
“Arte da Gastronomia” (“The Art of Gastronomy”) – tasting of local foods and products.

Saturday, June 16 (10.30 PM)
Tasca Cana Roca, Fazenda das Lajes (Flores)
Jam session for musicians, music enthusiasts, locals, and anyone else who’d like to join.

Ilustrar Açores (Illustrate Azores) (23-24 June)
The first edition of this event dedicated to illustration gathers local artists to promote the Azores through illustration. I’m intrigued to find out how these illustrations showcase the islands, what they focus on, what’s the piece of the island that is most important for the artist. Although I won’t be there at the time of this event, I will follow closely.

Saturday, June 23 (6.00 PM)
MiratecArts Galeria Costa, Candelária (Pico)
“Projecto Saudade” (Project “Saudade”) – a new project inspired by Jardim da Saudade (Garden of Longing, roughly translated) by Inês Ribeiro. Includes guided tour.

Tuesday, June 26 and Wednesday, June 27 (9.00 PM)
Ribeira Grande and Teatro Micaelense, Ponta Delgada (São Miguel)
“Violas do Atlântico VIII” – eight edition of a music festival entirely dedicated to acoustic guitars.

Friday, June 29 (9.30 PM)
Auditório da Madalena (Pico)
Music and dance performance with Luis Senra (saxophone player) and Joana Dias (dancer).

June to August (TBA)
Museu da Graciosa (Graciosa)
Exhibition “Sorrisos de Pedra” (“Smiling Stones”) by Helena Amaral.

Photo courtesy of Azores Fringe Festival/MiratecArts - © Jaime deBrum
Photo courtesy of Azores Fringe Festival/MiratecArts – © Jaime deBrum

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    I am a widely obliged poet. Just returned from a two week trip to the Azores. Wrote 43 poems and would like to read them at a festival. Please advise me how to go about to making this possible.
    sally Love Saunders

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