Lisbon Instagram accounts to follow

Lisbon Instagram accounts to follow

There aren’t many criteria behind this list, except I left out travel influencer accounts. Of course, everyone has the right to showcase whatever Lisbon they want, but during the two-year on-and-off lockdown, I grew tired of overly curated Instagram feeds (including my own).

So this (very personal and subjective) list of Lisbon Instagram accounts to follow is my attempt to provide you with the folks on social media who are trying to showcase different angles of the city for a well-rounded view of the Portuguese capital.

People of Lisbon - @peoplelisbon

Their bio states: “A video/ photo series about People of Lisbon.” And it is just that but so much more. It doesn’t matter if these people of Lisbon have been here all their lives or just arrived, were born here or are adoptive lisboetas.

Lisbon Insiders - @lisbon__insiders

These guys put together tips on the newest Lisbon restaurants and bars faster than I can write a blog post. And I appreciate it because, to be honest, updating blog posts about where to eat in Lisbon is too time-consuming (and I only manage to do it once a year, at best).

Lisboa Secreta - @lisboasecreta

Anything and everything that’s happening in Lisbon right now, you’ll find it here. Both the Instagram account and the website behind it are in Portuguese, but the content is bite-sized and easy to understand using a tool like Google translate. 

Lisboa without filters - @lisboawithoutfilters

This video-centered account shares regular Reels on everyday life in Lisbon. You get all the iconic shots whenever you feel like traveling here without moving. Or to get inspired before your trip. 

Rooftop Cine Society PT - @cinesociety.lisbon

Lisbon (and Portugal) wasn’t much of an outdoor cinema place (apart from the occasional seasonal event in the summer), but I think the pandemic really forced us to adjust and embrace new things. I went to a screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in the summer of 2022 and I can’t wait to see what they’ll be showing next season. 

Creative Mornings/Lisbon - @creativemorningslisbon

Every month, the community of creative professionals gets together for a free talk and coffee. These events are a great way to connect and network, especially if you’re new in town or just arrived to test the digital nomad waters.

Mensagem de Lisboa - @mensagem.lisboa

When Mensagem de Lisboa launched, I was happy to see a well-planned digital newspaper focused solely on Lisbon finally. I recommend it to everyone who wants to stay up-to-date on the city’s issues. And the good news is that they just launched an English version, considering the growing ex-pat community in Lisbon who want to have a more active role as citizens.

Agenda Cultural de Lisboa - @agenda.cultural_lisboa

Lisbon City Council’s official account for their culture department is a bit more institutional account, but worth a follow to keep up with all the cultural events happening in Lisbon.

Visit Lisboa - @visit_lisboa

And lastly, not the most inspirational Instagram account but a safe source of all the information you need to visit Lisbon.