Why Visit Lisbon? 3 Expert Travel Bloggers Tell All

Why Visit Lisbon? Fellow Travel Bloggers Tell All
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Last month, as I was rummaging through the queries that made people land on the blog, I found some of them were odd and on a topic we absolutely don’t cover in any of our sections, but one of them caught my eye: “why visit Lisbon”. Of course, my first instinct was to write a whole post around that query, highlighting all the ups of the Portuguese capital, but then I realized we have already done that, extensively, in any of our posts about Lisbon. No, the answer to this had to be given by others, with a judgment that isn’t clouded by nationality.

So I called out to other travel bloggers who have been to Lisbon (or will visit soon) to answer this question. Each one of them has a unique point of view, that only adds to the diversity of opinions. I will now take a step back and give them center-stage.

Stephanie Mayo

I’ve yet to visit the city of the seven hills but will this spring! What enticed me to visit Lisbon? Well, it wasn’t the sights or the yearning for warmth and sun, it’s simple – I saw an image of Lisbon with its gorgeous orange/red roofs against a stunning sunset backdrop and fell in lust! That image tugged at my traveling heart and I knew I had to explore Lisbon. But it’s only been recently with researching its history, its culture, seeing images of so many beautiful buildings and tile work and reading A Night Train to Lisbon that I’ve fallen in love with a city I’ve never been to.

Photo by Stephanie Mayo | Why Visit Lisbon? Fellow Travel Bloggers Tell All

Photo by Stephanie Mayo

Stephanie Mayo is one Canadian gal with a passion for wildlife, travel and writing about the journey! Follow her blogs Lady Of The Zoos and The World As I See It and make sure you keep up with her latest updates on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Dave Cole

I count myself a fortunate man because I lived in Lisbon for a year. 2008 was a busy period in my life, as my time was dominated by a master’s program and a full-time job. Nonetheless, every free afternoon was a possibility to explore a new neighborhood on foot, relax at a familiar café or simply enjoy the Tagus waterfront. Lisbon has a lot to adore, especially food – a pastry with a shot of espresso was a constant temptation. But what I loved most about Lisbon was its quiet beauty on sunny Sunday mornings, when I had the streets to myself and never knew what the day would bring.

Photo by Dave Cole - Cook, Sip, Go | Why Visit Lisbon? Fellow Travel Bloggers Tell All

Photo by Dave Cole – Cook, Sip, Go

Dave Cole is a travel blogger and photographer based in Nairobi who seeks to connect with each destination through its food, drink and culture. He blogs at Cook Sip Go and loves interacting with his followers on Twitter and Instagram.

Vlad Mateescu

To answer why I loved Lisbon (and why you should go there right now!), I’d have to explain that overwhelming feeling of happiness I immediately got when the plane touched the ground of the Portuguese capital when I visited for the second time. I can usually tell right away if I’m going to like a city and with Lisbon, it was love at first sight. Wandering on its charming streets, admiring the city from one of its many viewpoints, eating mouthwatering pastries (what would I give to have some pastéis de nata right now), taking the historical tram, sipping Vinho Verde, a holiday in Lisbon can be the most relaxing time of the year. It’s a city where you don’t need to rush from one site to another, but take your time and know that whatever you decide to do, you will have a great time. My favorite memory of the city is one hot day when I got lost on the streets of the Alfama district, had the best meal at a restaurant I found and kept wandering without a map or a guidebook.

Whether you’re a solo traveler, a couple looking for a romantic getaway or a family with kids, Lisbon will greet you with a smile and will anxiously discover its secrets.

Photo by Vlad Mateescu - Eff It, I'm on Holiday | Why visit Lisbon? Fellow travel bloggers tell all.

Photo by Vlad Mateescu – Eff It, I’m on Holiday

Vlad is a traveler from Romania who has been passionate about visiting new places ever since childhood when he used to explore his home country during the endless summers. Nowadays, with a full-time job, he makes the most of his annual leave, discovering wonderful places all over Europe. You can follow his travels on the blog Eff It I’m On Holiday.

Have you been here? What would you say to answer the question “why visit Lisbon”?

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