Clean slate (or a twist)

Clean slate (or a twist)

It wasn’t until the pandemic hit in 2020 that I realized how Tripper was frustrating me. It’s not that I don’t like to travel and write about it (I still do), but my creative side was being overrun by worries about word count and backlinks and growth and social media followers and ugh.

Tripper started as a creative outlet and a way to showcase my writing skills. Both brought me some cool projects and even cooler clients; I believe that should count as success. And, yet, it didn’t. I was constantly second-guessing myself.

Eventually, something broke (at a personal level, too) and this blog went idle.

My path to redefining myself as a writer (what I wanted to be all along since I was about 16) led me to online courses (too many, in retrospect), writing personal essays for two anthologies on dealing with the pandemic, and discovering I actually have a thing for writing fiction. Horror fiction, to be specific. Portuguese horror fiction, to be even more specific.

I absolutely love how my social media accounts’ feeds look like a mess now, how I don’t fret about what to write in a monthly newsletter, and how this from-the-heart blog post breaks every SEO rule in the book!

So, what was written before will still live on this blog (all of it is me, after all), but the upcoming content will be a lot more off-the-cuff; quick notes from a travel and horror writer’s twisted mind, I guess, but more focused on travel than on horror (for that, I have my other project Fábrica do Terror).