Miosótis Certified Sustainable Hotels in the Azores: Where to stay in 2020

Miosótis Certified Sustainable Hotels in the Azores: Where to stay in 2020

COVID-19 Azores

If you’re planning to travel to the Azores in times of COVID-19 please refer to these official sources when planning:

COVID-19 Information from the U. S. Embassy in PortugalOfficial Azores Government’s Information for Passengers Traveling to the Azores

The Miosótis program, named after the endemic flower commonly known as forget-me-not, was developed by the Azorean regional government to award sustainable best practices in hotels and other accommodations (including short-term rentals, since 2015).

When applying for the award, hotels will be evaluated on residue treatment, efficient use of water and energy, support of local businesses and biodiversity, and ongoing training of staff. Each certification is valid for two years, ranging from one to five Miosótis (except for the short-term rentals).

The hotels mentioned below are part of the official list released by the Azorean government, with certificates valid until the end of 2020. For your convenience, I don’t mention any accommodations without an online booking option (via their own official website or a reputable booking platform).

Hotel Comodoro

Staying in Corvo Island was a challenge for those who couldn’t stay with friends or relatives and those who didn’t enjoy camping. Traveling to the smallest and most remote island in the Azores Archipelago had to be done as a day trip from neighboring Flores.

That ended when a local family decided to open Hotel Comodoro (formerly known as Guest House Comodoro), a facility with 14 double rooms and views to the ocean or the hills.

  • Rating: 4 Miosótis
  • Book directly with the hotel

Joe & Vera’s Vintage Place

If the “like a local” experience is more your type, there’s one more accommodation in Corvo that bears the Miosótis certification. Joe & Vera’s Vintage Place is one of the most recent hotels on the island, right next door to the local (and only) church. It doesn’t get more central than this, although the town isn’t that big.

  • Rating: single
  • Book directly with the hotel

Aldeia da Cuada

The passion project of a local couple, Aldeia da Cuada first began to take shape two decades ago. It’s one of the oldest rural tourism enterprise in the country and the perfect stay for those who want to shut down completely.

At this old village each house still bears the name of its last owner, a way to preserve the past and show appreciation for those who came before.

Argonauta Guesthouse

The Argonauta has been in business for 30 years, but the house is at least 300 years old. Talk about having a historical experience on Flores Island, right?

Art pretty much takes over this place in the small village of Fajã Grande, on the west side of the island.

  • Rating: single
  • Book directly with the hotel

Hotel das Flores

Hotel das Flores’ location comes with a killer view of the São Pedro bay and Corvo Island. It’s close to the airport and the old whaling factory-turned-museum, and the view makes up for the distance from the town center.

If you don’t feel like braving out for a swim in the North Atlantic Ocean, chill at the hotel pool with a view.


Azoris Faial Garden

The Azoris Faial Garden is the perfect choice for central location and spectacular views, for travelers who prefer hotels to other types of accommodation.

It also has all other hotel benefits like swimming pool, wellness center, restaurant and bar. Technically, you’d hardly have to leave the hotel but you’d be missing out on discovering Faial Island.

Casas do Capelo

These independent country houses with room for up to four people are a short drive from most of the points of interest in Faial Island. If you need that feeling of isolation but aren’t ready to be 100% away from it all, this might be the perfect fit.

Casas da Fajã

The exposed stone of the exterior walls hide surprising interiors in these two refurbished rural houses with fully equipped kitchens. Feel free to use the herb garden to cook some newly learned Azorean recipes.


While short-term rentals are a nuisance in touristic cities like Lisbon, in the Azores they don’t (yet) overrun the islands and are actually an alternative at a destination where accommodation is sometimes scarce.

This five-bedroom AL (Alojamento Local) with shared kitchen and living room is close to the city of Horta.

Pátio – Horse & Lodge

Warmth, wood, and horses is the theme of this 4-star boutique nature lodge in Faial, in the village of Cedros. With a restaurant onsite serving lunch and dinner, there really isn’t a good excuse to leave the hotel. Well, apart from sightseeing of course.

  • Rating: 5 Miosótis
  • Book directly with the hotel

Pousada Forte da Horta

Part of the Pestana – Pousadas de Portugal group, this historic hotel overlooking the marina of Horta is located at the old city fort. From the hotel, you can explore the city or the beach, within 10 minutes walking distance.

Quinta das Bungavílias

Once a family farm, Quinta das Buganvílias is now a two-house rural tourism business with onsite restaurant and bar. In addition to the view of Pico Island, there’s plenty of outdoor space for kids (and grownups) to enjoy.

  • Rating: 5 Miosótis
  • Book directly with the hotel

Quinta da Meia Eira

Quinta da Meia Eira is a rural tourism with a twist. The units have the look and feel of country houses, but you’ll also find the kind of facilities you’d expect at a hotel like the indoor heated pool.

Quinta do Vale

Close to the city of Horta, this rural tourism business has 10 double rooms, a reading and games room, gym and sauna, swimming pool, and barbecue area.

  • Rating: 5 Miosótis
  • Book directly with the hotel


The two fully equipped apartments (a four-bedroom and a one-bedroom) are very close to the airport and the city of Horta. Refúgio means haven in Portuguese and that’s precisely the vibe there. Breakfast and bike rental available for an extra fee.

Apartamentos Turísticos Jeirões do Mar

Ten fully equipped one-bedroom apartments in the town of Madalena, with views of the sea and the mountain. Weather permitting, every day is “eating out” day at the apartments’ terrace. And because it wouldn’t be a 100% Pico Island experience without vineyards, here you’ll have your own to explore in addition to a playground for kids.

Casas do Verdelho

Staying at Casas do Verdelho is the closest you’ll ever get to living in a small village on Pico Island. Each of the two-bedroom five houses is fully equipped and you’ll get your own barbecue area if you feel inclined to invite the next door neighbor over for grilled fish.

Pousada de Juventude do Pico

Pico’s Youth Hostel (Pousada de Juventude in Portuguese) is a budget-friendly facility with dorm rooms and shared bathrooms. Perfect for anyone traveling on a tight budget, not just kids.

Besides, how many times do you get to tell people that you spent the night at a 17th century convent?

  • Rating: 2 Miosótis
  • Book directly with the hotel

Abrigo da Cascata

In São Jorge Island, fajãs are a dime a dozen. Well, the idiom is not completely fair because this particular landscape is more valuable than a dime. Abrigo da Cascata is located in Fajã do Cavalete and claims to be the rural tourism with a hotel feel. I think they’re probably right. The two independent houses share a kitchen and lounge.


Blue House

You can’t really miss this two-bedroom house painted in bright sky blue. This vacation home has two bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a courtyard, and priceless views of the ocean.


Blue Planet S. Jorge Azores

Lazy mornings admiring the ocean and Pico Island? That’s pretty much what you can expect at this two-floor house with two independent apartments and a terrace with a barbecue area. Do take the time to explore the town of Velas though. It’s less than 10 minutes away, walking distance.


Cantinho das Bungavílias

Nineteen apartments with a view to the neighboring islands of Pico and Faial, a restaurant onsite, an indoor and an outdoor pool, a spa, and a sauna. Several tours and experiences available on request.

  • Rating: 3 Miosótis
  • Book directly with the hotel


Casa do Alambique/Sailingside

Next door to the São Jorge Museum in the town of Calheta, Casa do Alambique is a fully equipped, four-bedroom house that accommodates up to 10 people. The house is owned by a sailing company, so sailing boats for rent or tours are available.


Casa da Fajã da Caldeira

Fajã de Santo Cristo is perhaps the most famous of all the fajãs in São Jorge. Remote and hard to reach, Santo Cristo has no electricity so locals rely on generators and batteries. But none of that matters when you can have a once in a lifetime experience at this two-bedroom house located there.


Casa dos Lagos

Five fully equipped apartments in the town of Velas, each one of them with a terrace facing the mountain or the ocean. A shared garden with lakes (lagos, in Portuguese) is free to use by all guests.


Casas dos Vimes

At the fajãs, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve since 2016, balance between man and nature is key. At Fajã dos Vimes, the rural houses Casas dos Vimes accomplish that. The houses follow the typical Azorean architectural style and honor their roots and surroundings.

  • Rating: 5 Miosótis
  • Book directly with the hotel

Hotel Soares Neto

In the center of the town of Velas, overlooking the marina and the bay, this 2-star hotel is an unpretentious accommodation with breakfast included and a salt water swimming pool. Guests can rent a car or a scooter at the hotel.

  • Rating: 1 Miosótis
  • Book directly with the hotel


Marficas Hostel

If you don’t mind sacrificing location to save on the budget, Marficas is a comfortable but affordable option in Urzelina. Rooms are double, triple, or dorms with shared bathrooms, kitchen, and lounging area.


Pousada da Juventude de S. Jorge

At São Jorge’s Youth Hostel everything is about the views and nature. Guests can book a bed in a male or female dorm with shared bathroom, double rooms with private bathroom, or triple rooms with private bathroom.

  • Rating: 2 Miosótis
  • Book directly with the hotel

Quinta das Figueiras

Pretty much in the middle of nowhere, Quinta das Figueiras is the right rural tourism accommodation for travelers who want peace and quiet all day every day.

  • Rating: 5 Miosótis
  • Book directly with the hotel


Quinta da Magnólia

Much of the style of the old farm house comes through in the decor of the rooms and the contrast between black stone on the walls and wooden windows and doors. A contrast that could sum up the reality of living in the Azores.

Boina de Vento

Dutch-style windmills are perhaps the closest to the perfect postcard image of Graciosa Island. At Boina do Vento you get the chance to stay in one. The refurbished windmill has a view of the ocean, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a fully equipped kitchen.

Graciosa Resort – Biosphere Island Resort

Graciosa Resort has 46 rooms (two of them are suites and one of them is prepared for guests with reduced mobility), six two-bedroom villas, onsite restaurant and bar, a kids club, a swimming pool, and a fitness center. Enough reasons to book a flight to Graciosa?

  • Rating: 2 Miosótis
  • Book directly with the hotel


Mó da Praia

is the Portuguese word for grindstone and, you guessed, this rural tourism unit is set inside a refurbished windmill, whitewashed with red on top as is the tradition in Graciosa. The mill has two bedrooms, two living rooms, a shared bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen, and a terrace.


Quinta dos Frutos

The three independent houses of this old farm are surrounded by fruit trees, mostly, hence the name Quinta dos Frutos. Two of the houses have one bedroom and a sofa bed, and can accommodate up to four people. The larger house, with two bedrooms, has room for up to five people. All houses have a fully equipped kitchen and access to a barbecue area outside.

Azoris Angra Garden Hotel

Most travelers visiting Terceira Island will look for accommodation in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Angra do Heroísmo. Azoris Angra Garden Hotel is not only central, but includes a restaurant and bar onsite so all you have to plan for is sightseeing.

Aparthotel Atlântida Mar

At the other city on Terceira Island, Praia da Vitória, this apartment hotel is all about the view. Whether you’re at the pool, at the gym, or watching your kids at the onsite playground, it’s still about the view of the massive Atlantic Ocean.

Casa da Ribeira

Casa da Ribeira is both the name of this short-term rental house and the village where it’s located, close to the city of Praia da Vitória. The traditional house maintains the same architecture, but with modern facilities.

  • Rating: single
  • Book directly with the hotel

Casa das Vinhas

Casa das Vinhas got its name because of the vineyards (vinhas) around the house. The small country house has a view to the ocean, two bedrooms, one bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen, and a barbecue area. The nearest beach is within walking distance.


Pousada da Juventude da Terceira

Terceira’s Youth Hostel is located at the fishing village of São Mateus (a 10-minute drive from Angra do Heroísmo and a 30-minute drive from Praia da Vitória). In addition to dorms with shared bathrooms, you can also book a private bedroom or a one-bedroom apartment.

  • Rating: 2 Miosótis
  • Book directly with the hotel


Quinta do Espírito Santo

Quinta do Espírito Santo is a country house with a history. If you have questions about your accommodation or the island just ask the owner, a historian and the former director of the Angra do Heroísmo Museum. The house is also worth the stay, of course.


Serreta Island Home

The massive window is probably the first thing guests notice at this short-term rental. It has two bedrooms with two lounge areas, two bathrooms, a shared living room, and a shared kitchen with a traditional stone wood-burning oven.

  • Rating: single
  • Book directly on Airbnb*

7 Cidades Lake Lodge

The lake Sete Cidades on São Miguel Island is probably the island’s most famous landscape. The 7 Cidades Lake Lodge is right in the middle of Sete Cidades Valley, with a view to the lake. The 1950s large house can accommodate up to seven guests and the smaller one-bedroom bungalows have space for two people.

  • Rating: single
  • Book directly with the hotel


Azoris Royal Garden Hotel

This 4 star hotel is located in the main city of Ponta Delgada, within walking distance of the city’s historic center. The hotel has an outdoor pool, onsite restaurant and bar, spa, and bikes available for rental.


Casa da Belavista

Located in the town of Nordeste (perhaps one of the most beautiful locations on the island), this three-bedroom house has a fully equipped kitchen, outdoor pool, and barbecue area. Guests can also rent bikes and order groceries delivery.

Casa da Flor

Located in Ribeira Grande, São Miguel’s second city, this independent house has three bedrooms, two private bathrooms and a shared one, a shared lounge area, and a backyard where you can sunbathe. Children are not allowed at this accommodation.


Casa das Furnas

In the heart of the Furnas town, this contemporary house has a fully equipped kitchen, shared bathroom and lounge area, and an outdoor terrace with a barbecue area.


Casa do Pópulo

Casa do Pópulo is a refurbished 19th century house, about 15 minutes by car from the city of Ponta Delgada. The house has an outdoor seasonal swimming pool, a sunbathing terrace, a barbecue area, and family rooms that accommodate up to four guests.


Casa da Ribeira

This small house in Furnas has one bedroom, a fully equipped kitchen, and a shared bathroom. It accommodates up to four guests in the two twin beds in the room and a sofa bed in the living room.


Ecorismo/Stonewood Lodge

This ecotourism business has five villas and an apartment, each with independent equipped kitchen, bathroom, and living room. The largest house can accommodate up to six adults. Shared outdoor facilities include a garden, a barbecue area, and a picnic area.


Furnas Valley

Furnas Valley is a short-term rental house with four bedrooms and two bathrooms, one minute walking distance from one of the most famous hot springs in Furnas: Poça da Dona Beija. Parque Terra Nostra, another must-see attraction in town, is a six-minute walk away.


Hotel Alcides

In the center of Ponta Delgada, Hotel Alcides is a no-frills, modest, and affordable accommodation. The onsite restaurant, with the same name, is perhaps one of the best-known in the city.


Hotel do Colégio

The 4-star boutique hotel is set inside a 19th century house, and has an onsite restaurant and outdoor swimming pool. In its 100+ years of existence, before it was a hotel the building housed Ponta Delgada’s music school.


Hotel Matriz

In the historic center of Ponta Delgada, Hotel Matriz is an affordable hotel with an onsite bar and private parking space. All rooms are equipped with private bathroom and breakfast is included.


Hotel Talisman

Hotel Talisman is located in a refurbished Art Deco 18th century building in the center of Ponta Delgada. Onsite you’ll find a massage room, a bar, a restaurant, and a gym and a swimming pool on the rooftop with a panoramic view of the city.


Market Place

Market Place has six independent apartments that can accommodate up to seven guests. The city’s produce market is less than five minutes away, walking distance.


Pousada de Juventude de S. Miguel

At São Miguel’s Youth Hostel, guests can choose between a bed in a dorm room with shared bathroom, a twin room with private bathroom, or a private room with four beds.

  • Rating: 2 Miosótis
  • Book directly with the hotel


Quinta do Bom Despacho

A former 1700s family farm house, Quinta do Bom Despacho is a rural tourism with double and triple rooms, with shared or private bathrooms, equipped kitchens and living rooms, a natural swimming pool outside, and organic kitchen gardens and orchards.

  • Rating: single
  • Book directly with the hotel


Quinta dos Curubás

At the town of Vila Franca do Campo, the five houses of Quinta dos Curubás are surrounded by a shared garden with some resident animals. Bikes and barbecue gear are available for free.


Quinta Minuvida Orchard Lodge

Located in the fishing village of Rabo de Peixe, Quinta Minuvida Orchard Lodge is all about mindful living and sustainable tourism. The five suites are decorated with vintage furniture or new pieces made from reclaimed wood.


Quinta do Norte

A working farm with resident animals (including friendly cows), Quinta do Norte has twin, double, and triple rooms, with a garden, a terrace, and an equipped shared kitchen. Supermarkets and restaurants are a short drive away.


Quinta do Paraízo

This 19th century family farm house was transformed into a rural tourism business with a working pineapple greenhouse, an orchard, a vegetable garden, and an outdoor swimming pool.


Quinta do Rebentão

Quinta do Rebentão is a short-term rental house where all bedrooms have private bathrooms. There’s a shared kitchen, lounge area, and terrace and barbecue area outdoors.


Solar da Glória ao Carmo

Solar da Glória ao Carmo is a former Manor House built over 300 years ago. Guests can book one of the suites or one of the two independent apartments located in the house extension.


Surf & Guest House Lorena’s

All rooms at Surf & Guest House Lorena’s face the ocean and the nearest beach is less than 10 minutes away, walking distance. The accommodation has a shared kitchen and lounge area.


The Lince Azores Great Hotel

The Lince Azores Great Hotel is located in the center of Ponta Delgada, overlooking the city. The hotel is equipped with an onsite restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, a swimming pool, a gym, a bar, and an area for kids.


Vista do Norte

Contemporary-rustic in style, Vista do Norte is a short-term rental house overlooking the town of Capelas, with two bedrooms and shared bathroom, kitchen and living room.

Pousada de Juventude de Santa Maria

Santa Maria‘s Youth Hostel is a whitewashed building with Algarve-style chimneys, which pretty much matches the style of traditional houses on the island. In addition to twin rooms and a bed in a male or female dorm, guests can also book a private room with four beds.

  • Rating: 2 Miosótis
  • Book directly with the hotel

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