Certified sustainable hotels in the Azores

Certified sustainable hotels in the Azores

The Azorean regional government created the Miosótis program named after the forget-me-not flower to reward sustainable best practices in hotels and short-term rentals.

Government officials evaluate candidates on residue treatment, efficient use of water and energy, support of local businesses and biodiversity, and staff training. 

Each certification is valid for two years, ranging from one to five Miosótis (except for the short-term rentals).

The hotels mentioned below are part of the Azorean government’s official list. Some of the hotels have certificates valid until December 2022 and others until December 2023. 

For your convenience, I’m only listing the hotels that have an online presence (that I could easily find) and/or the possibility to book online (through the hotel’s website or Booking.com, which is the service I use and recommend).

Miosótis certified hotels 2022

Miosótis certified hotels 2023

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