Fantasporto 2020: will there be a next time?

On the 40th edition of Fantasporto – Porto International Film Festival, its legacy and impact, and how the world went crazy in two weeks.

Happy 40th, Fantasporto!

A cureless epidemic spreads panic worldwide. Fantasporto 2020 celebrates its 40th anniversary. Both events are a coincidence and none of them is fiction.

Fantasporto 2019: Out of this World (No, Seriously)

All you need to know about Fantasporto 2019 (and whether two “cachorrinhos” is one two many before a busy afternoon of movie screenings).

Fantasporto: 38 years putting Porto on the horror film festivals map

My third year at Fantasporto (on its 38th edition in 2018) brought me no surprises: if you’re a fan of the horror/fantasy/SciFi genre, this is one of the best film festivals in Europe (and probably the world, too).

3 Days in Porto: what to see during Fantasporto

Every year, I spend 3 days in Porto for Fantasporto. Here’s a list of must-see spots within walking distance from the film festival’s venue, Teatro Rivoli. Film sessions only start in the afternoon, so you can use your free mornings for a little sightseeing.

Fantasporto 2016: Polish Mermaids, Irish Exorcists, and Time Circles

A roundup of the 37th Fantasporto’s closing ceremony and this year’s winners.

Final Takes of Fantasporto 2015

We arrived in Porto with two (misleading) preconceptions: that the city could be seen in one day and that Fantasporto, the independent film festival, was a dying shadow of its former glory.

35th Fantasporto: an Exclusive Look at the Oporto International Film Festival

One of the best international film festivals celebrates the independent film industry for 10 days in Porto, with a strong accent on fantasy and thrillers.

Work with Tripper

If you’ve already read the “About Me” section, you know by now that Tripper has firmly set its ground as a sustainable cultural tourism blog and as a go-to source about sustainable tourism in Lisbon and the Azores. Because of the blog, in 2018 I was quoted by Skift on a piece about overtourism in

Where to go in Portugal in 2018 (my post-BTL considerations)

This post explains my selection criteria of where to go in Portugal in 2018 plus one or two considerations about events for tourism professionals. After a one-day visit to the BTL (Lisbon Tourism Fair), I must say my suggestions are 100% subjective (and a little biased).