Fantasporto 2019: Out of this World (No, Seriously)

All you need to know about Fantasporto 2019 (and whether two “cachorrinhos” is one two many before a busy afternoon of movie screenings).

Fantasporto: 38 years putting Porto on the horror film festivals map

My third year at Fantasporto (on its 38th edition in 2018) brought me no surprises: if you’re a fan of the horror/fantasy/SciFi genre, this is one of the best film festivals in Europe (and probably the world, too).

3 Days in Porto: what to see during Fantasporto

Every year, I spend 3 days in Porto for Fantasporto. Here’s a list of must-see spots within walking distance from the film festival’s venue, Teatro Rivoli. Film sessions only start in the afternoon, so you can use your free mornings for a little sightseeing.

Fantasporto 2016: Polish Mermaids, Irish Exorcists, and Time Circles

A roundup of the 37th Fantasporto’s closing ceremony and this year’s winners.

Final Takes of Fantasporto 2015

We arrived in Porto with two (misleading) preconceptions: that the city could be seen in one day and that Fantasporto, the independent film festival, was a dying shadow of its former glory.

35th Fantasporto: an Exclusive Look at the Oporto International Film Festival

One of the best international film festivals celebrates the independent film industry for 10 days in Porto, with a strong accent on fantasy and thrillers.

Work with Tripper

If you’ve already read the “About Me” section, you know by now that Tripper has firmly set its ground as a sustainable cultural tourism blog and as a go-to source about sustainable tourism in Lisbon and the Azores. Because of the blog, in 2018 I was quoted by Skift on a piece about overtourism in

Where to go in Portugal in 2018 (my post-BTL considerations)

This post explains my selection criteria of where to go in Portugal in 2018 plus one or two considerations about events for tourism professionals. After a one-day visit to the BTL (Lisbon Tourism Fair), I must say my suggestions are 100% subjective (and a little biased).

Things to do for Cultural Tourism in Portugal

Find out some of the best things to do for cultural tourism in Portugal, by region. Includes events you can’t miss and what’s happening in each season.

10 Reasons to Visit the European Best Destination 2017

Wondering why Porto just won the award for European Best Destination 2017? Here are 10 reasons to give you a head start.