Of nature and art: Azores Fringe Festival 2018

On sustainable cultural tourism, the democratization of art, and the Azores Fringe Festival – the only truly democratic cultural event that happens on all nine islands of the Azores once a year.

6th Azores Fringe Festival: 25th May – 1st July 2018

All you need to know about the 6th edition of the Azores Fringe Festival (25th May – 1st July 2018).

Azores Fringe Festival: from the islands to the world

The Azores Fringe Festival was a revelation, to say the least. Learn more about this performance art festival, the man behind it, and the artists it supports.

Next Stop: Azores Fringe Festival in Pico

Why would someone start an arts festival that hops between islands for 6 weeks before the high season? That’s what the Azores Fringe Festival is all about.

35 Azores Festivals and Cultural Events to Add to Your Calendar

The archipelago is famous for its green pastures and cows. But these 35 Azores festivals and cultural events are also good reasons to visit the islands.

What you need to know about traveling to the Azores

Is traveling to the Azores independently possible? In short, yes it is. From booking flights and choosing hotels to the best time to visit and what island(s) to pick, here is all you need to know about traveling to the Azores.

Fantasporto: 38 years putting Porto on the horror film festivals map

My third year at Fantasporto (on its 38th edition in 2018) brought me no surprises: if you’re a fan of the horror/fantasy/SciFi genre, this is one of the best film festivals in Europe (and probably the world, too).

Pico Azores: tips on planning your trip

Tips on planning your trip to the Azores island of Pico, where to stay, what traditional dishes to try, and the best authentic souvenirs to take home.

Work with Tripper

If you’ve already read the “About Me” section, you know by now that Tripper has firmly set its ground as a sustainable cultural tourism blog and as a go-to source about sustainable tourism in Lisbon and the Azores. Because of the blog, in 2018 I was quoted by Skift on a piece about overtourism in

Win a coloring book with original illustrations by Azorean artists

Enter to win! I’m giving away a copy of the first edition of “Ilustrar Açores”, a coloring book published by MiratecArts with illustrations by Azorean artists.